9 Things To Know Before Hiring An Interior Designer

It can be extremely overwhelming to begin the process of a renovation, new construction or decor project. However, I think it’s sometimes more overwhelming to go through a large project on your own. When you need assistance with your taxes, you hire an accountant. When you need guidance planning a wedding, you hire a wedding […]

8 Affordable Gallery Wall Frames

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all familiar with gallery walls by now. They’ve been “a thing” for a while, but their popularity multiplied in recent years as a go-to element to add to your living room, hall or foyer (or well, basically any room in your home). Gallery walls can be done […]

5 Ways To Incorporate Color into your Mostly Neutral Sense of Style

For the simple, monochromatic friend who’s ready to spice things up I totally get it. There are so many reasons why neutral decor is gorgeous and desirable. I personally love most pieces in my home to be neutral too! But sometimes, incorporating some color into your home is the best idea you could consider. If […]